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Average postal weight of a letter.

1 ounce =  1 Postage Stamp, and that will be enough for sending your average letter in an envelope.

Average Postage Weight of a Bluray Disc/Case Movie

Average Postage Weight of a blu-ray movie (COMPLETE) weighs an average of 5 oz.
Remember to check our other posts for average postage weights you might need for gifts during the holiday season.

Average Weight of A Paperback Book / Hardcover Book

I've taken some common books sizes and found their average weights. I did 2 common sizes for Hardcover books and since paperbacks are a little more varied I did 5 sample sizes. I've listed their averages by Dimensions/Pages/Weights.

LxWxH in inches/Avg # of Pages/ Size and Average number of pages in a Hardcover/Softcover book.

8x6x2/ 735pgs- 1lb 15oz avg

8.5x5.5x1.5/460pgs-  1lb 2oz avg

9.5x6x1--/370pgs- 15oz avg

8x5x1.5/760pgs- 1lb 3oz avg

7x4.25x2/1360pgs-1lb 5oz avg

7x4.25x1/590pgs- 9oz avg

6.5x9.5x.05/160pgs- 15oz avg

I'll try to post some average weights of school textbooks, next!

Average Shipping weight of Media

Average weight of a:
DVD weighs an average of 4 oz.

Xbox 360 video game or a PS3 Game (COMPLETE) weighs an average of 5 oz.
Same for a Wii Game

A complete CD weighs an average of 4 oz

A 2 Disc DVD set, weighs an average of 5 oz .
If either of these items has a Cardboard Sleeve, add 1 oz to the weight.

*Most of these items actually weigh less that 4.5 oz. but you have to round up if it exceeds an ounce, for shipping purposes.

I will do a post for books next. These weights are handy if you use sites like, or just to name a few.

Request Postage Weight for your Items Here

If you would like to know the average weight of your item, leave a message in this post and I will try to fullfill your request if i can.

Average Weight of Shipping Supplies

Average Weight of a Bubble Mailer is 1 oz, Same for a Padded Envelope and Manila Envelope.

add 1 oz. if mailing a dvd, cd, video game,etc. (disc only) without additional packaging.